Study abroad popular at CIC institutions

Nov 25, 2008
CIC member institutions are among the nation's leaders in sending students to study abroad, according to the Institute of International Education's annual "Open Doors" report on study abroad trends released Nov. 17.


Five CIC institutions rank in the report's top 10 for the number of students obtaining academic credit from a study abroad program, and seven of the top 20 (using data from 2006-07):

2. Michigan State University -- 2,801 students

4. University of Minnesota -- 2,079 students

6. University of Michigan -- 2,055 students

7. University of Illinois -- 2,052 students

10. University of Wisconsin-Madison -- 1,846 students

12. Pennsylvania State University -- 1,830 students

19. Indiana University -- 1,686 students

Providing high quality study abroad opportunities and increasing student access to those opportunities are top priorities for CIC universities. They share access to more than 70 study abroad offerings worldwide across the institutions through the Alliances for Expanded Study in Overseas Programs (AESOP), a number that continues to grow annually.


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