Library Journal reports on Library Directors' Statement On Scientific American

Jan 07, 2010
The Library Journal reported Jan. 6 on the CIC Library Directors' recent statement regarding Nature Publishing Group’s proposed site-license pricing for the popular title Scientific American.

In an article entitled "More Dismay About Scientific American: CIC Libraries Reject New Site License," Library Journal Norman Oder wrote that the Library Directors "have expressed their opposition to Nature Publishing Group’s new site-license pricing for Scientific American and have begun to cut their subscriptions."

The article quotes CIC Center for Library Initiatives director Mark Sandler explaining that the price hike has resulted in cancellations at most of the CIC libraries. "Most of the CIC libraries have agreed not to license the electronic version of the magazine and rely instead on print access. As for print access, most schools have multiple copies but have instituted cancellations to reduce the number of copies held," he said.

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