New Report Analyzes Study Abroad Trends Across CIC

Aug 12, 2010
Study abroad programs are immensely popular throughout the consortium. A new CIC report shows several trends in study abroad enrollment over the years 2006-08. The report analyzes data from the Open Doors Survey, administered annually by the Institute of International Education, and CIC annual reports.

Here are the key takeaways:

• More students from CIC universities are enrolling in programs less than one semester in duration, while enrollment in long-term programs (a year or longer) is declining.

• Enrollments in external programs (programs sponsored or administered by another university or organization) are increasing faster than locally-administered programs.

• More host destinations are represented, but European destinations still top the list.

• More underrepresented students and more graduate students are studying abroad, while freshman enrollments have declined.

The CIC facilitates study abroad opportunities through its Alliance for Expanded Study Overseas Program (AESOP) by opening member university study aboard programs to all member campuses.

For more information, please download the full report or contact Yolanda Zepeda at

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