Northwestern Student Newspaper Highlights Digitization at NU

Nov 03, 2010

Northwestern University's student newspaper featured the University Library's participation in the Google digitization project in its article "Library books to go digital" published Nov. 1.

The Daily Northwestern story mentions the CIC's partnership with Google and what it means for students. It also identifies Northwestern's "collections of distinction" that will be digitized, including its Africana, Music and Transportation collections.

The CIC's Google agreement has been in place since 2007. In fall 2008, digitization began at CIC member libraries, but only one at a time.

"Given the fact that Google is able to conduct this work on such a large scale, they are able to digitize so many more volumes than we could ever do on our own or with other universities," says Scott Devine, head of University Library preservation, in the article.

The story also quotes junior Laura Markee, a student who works at the library circulation desk, as saying, "This opens up a lot of our valuable research materials to people that can't get to Northwestern."

For more information on the Google project and the CIC, please visit the Center for Library Initiatives homepage.

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