CIC/Smithsonian Fellowship Awards Announced

Jan 28, 2011

The Committee on Institutional Cooperation is proud to announce the first class of CIC/Smithsonian fellowship awardees.

This groundbreaking partnership between the Committee on Institutional Cooperation and the Smithsonian Institution has enabled five CIC students to serve one-year fellowships to support research in residence at Smithsonian facilities.

Congratulations to:

Robin Thomson, Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota
Eric Dyrdahl, Department of Anthropology, Pennsylvania State University
Yanfei Zhu, Department of the History of Art, Ohio State University
Yini Ma, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Purdue University
Lara Stein Pardo, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan

Fellowships carry a stipend of $30,000. Doctoral students representing any field of study that is actively pursued by the museums and research organizations of the Smithsonian Institution were eligible.

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