CIC-Google Scanning Continues After Google Lawsuit Settlement Rejected

Mar 22, 2011
Judge Denny Chin of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued a long-awaited ruling Tuesday afternoon, rejecting a proposed settlement between Google and the plaintiffs (publishers and authors) in the Google Books lawsuit. It is the CIC's understanding that Google will continue scanning CIC library materials (six member libraries, in addition to Michigan and Wisconsin, are currently sending content) under the terms of the CIC’s 2007 Agreement.

Earlier this year, the CIC celebrated a major milestone: Google has digitized and returned a million volumes from member libraries. The CIC intends to fulfill the original agreement to scan up to 10 million volumes --public domain material will be returned to HathiTrust Digital Library and made publicly accessible, while in-copyright content will be indexed so users can find relevant print content in our libraries.  

Judge Chin ordered a status hearing in late April, by which time the CIC expects to know more about how Google and the plaintiffs plan to move forward, and what the implications might be for member libraries.
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