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Libraries have begun to divest of older, little used print materials in order to repurpose premium local library space and to address decreasing financial resources to manage collections and facilities.  Scholars, researchers and students have access to growing collection of digital content as a result of local and mass digitization projects, and the libraries' investment in electronic books, journals, media, and data.

Since few libraries (and even few parent institutions and funding sources) will want to create more storage space off campus to house their own collection, it is imperative that institutions develop a shared approach to cooperative management of legacy print collections.  The research library community will be called upon to steward print collections on behalf of a wider academic community, and many projects are underway nationally to assure persistence of these collections for the long term.

The 2011 CIC CLI Conference will examine current approaches to shared print storage for serials that draw on successful regional models, as well as planning efforts to create a national framework for print monograph collections.  These programs will be highlighted along with the CIC's own plan for shared print storage.

Conference speakers and participants will consider such topics as:

  • preservation and access strategies for stored materials
  • organizational governance of shared collections
  • management of research collections in the future
  • systems for recording storage commitments
  • infrastructure for curating digital collections

2011 Conference Planning Committee:

  • Bryan Skib, Chair, University of Michigan
  • Clifford Haka, Host, Director of Libraries, Michigan State University
  • Edward Shreeves, University of Iowa
  • Thomas Teper, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • G.R. Walden, The Ohio State University
  • Carolyn Walters, Indiana University
  • Kim Armstrong, Committee on Institutional Cooperation