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Thursday, November 9, 2017
Time Event
Noon Registration and Lunch
12:30pm Introduction and Seminar Overview
Steve Abel, DEO Liaisons Chair and Purdue University
 1:00pm Leadership at a Department Level
Steve Abel, Purdue University
 2:30pm Break
 2:45pm Addressing Contemporary Departmental Challenges
 4:15pm Group Problem-Solving Introduction
 4:20pm Move to Group Problem Solving Rooms
 4:30pm Group Problem Solving - Sessions I, II, & III
 6:30pm Free Time
 7:00pm Dinner at Morton's
Friday, November 10, 2017
Time Event
 6:00am Group Walk (optional)
 7:30am Breakfast
 8:00am Faculty Development and Performance Evaluation
Theodore H. Curry, Michigan State University
 9:30am Practical Strategies for Handling Difficult Faculty
Jeff Frumkin, University of Michigan
Christine Gerdes, University of Michigan
11:15am  Break
11:30am Balancing Rights and Responsibilities
John Bertot, University of Maryland
12:15pm Lunch for DEO Fellows
Dining Area

Lunch for DEO Liaisons
Room 206
 1:15pm Communication Strategies for Department Heads
Robin Kaler, University of Illinois
 2:30pm Effective Management
 3:45pm Break
 4:00pm Group Problem-Solving - Sessions IV, V, & VI 
 6:00pm  Break
 7:00pm Dinner and Group Social at King's Bowling
Saturday, November 11, 2017
Time Event
 6:00am Group Walk (optional)
 7:30am Breakfast
 8:00am Pragmatics of Leadership: A Conversation with the Choir
Brent Ruben, University of Rutgers-New Brunswick
 8:45am Break
 9:00am Faculty Mentoring
 10:00am Leadership Perspectives: Lessons Learned
 11:15am Seminar Wrap Up
Steve Abel, Purdue University
 11:30am Meeting Adjourned
Boxed Lunches (Dining Room or To-go)