TechForum 2015 Call for Proposals

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Deadline: Friday, June 5, 5:00pm (CT)

The Big Ten Academic Alliance CIO TechForum 2015 - "The New World of Higher Ed IT"

The Big Ten Academic Alliance CIO TechForum 2015 was scheduled for October 13-14, 2015 at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City, IA, and was hosted by the University of Iowa and the Big Ten Academic Alliance Chief Information Officers.


Do we have the right skills, tools, and organizational structures for engagement?  The TechForum 2015 conference, “The New World of Higher Ed IT” will challenge IT professionals across Big Ten Academic Alliance campuses to think deeply about how changes in higher education and technology affect our universities and the IT environment on our campuses.  Further, presenters should consider how to build the next generation of IT leaders in higher education, and how to best assess the skills of our teams to meet future needs.
The conference and track sessions are designed to engage attendees in an exploration of multiple perspectives of the track topics.  Each of the five tracks will introduce topics for which IT is a critical component in change.  The focus will be on addressing issues of how we can best position ourselves for the future, develop necessary skills, build appropriate organizational structures, and develop meaningful relationships across campus.

Presentation Formats

This conference seeks to engage attendees as participants in the various track sessions and topics.   Where possible, presentations should include activities and encourage participation, discussion and dialogue before, during, and after the session.  Sessions should be designed to expose attendees to new insights as well as draw innovative ideas from those attending the session. PowerPoint slides should be used sparingly to illustrate important concepts or reference additional but related content.

Ideas for presentation formats include:

  • Interactive presentations:  Explore topics from multiple or conflicting perspectives and involve audience participation, enlist audience volunteers into the discussion or form small groups within the session.
  • Process and outcome demonstrations:  Demonstrations or case studies that possibly draw on conference attendees to introduce their own experiences to further emphasize the relationship between different approaches / processes and possible outcomes.
  • Panel discussions:   Multiple speakers offering different perspectives on one or more issues. Panels may wish to engage the audience in real time through the use of social networking or polling.  Be sure to allow time for question/answer.
  • Point / counter point sessions:  Session featuring presenters offering two opposing or different views on one or more topics.

    Note:   For any of the above, presenters may also wish to engage attendees prior to the conference session through a few brief questions, surveys, or polling to use as content for the session or to tailor the content to the audience’s interests.


The conference will focus on five main tracks:

TechForum 2013 Tracks and Topics

  • Track 1: Service Delivery

  • Track 2: Enterprise Architecture

  • Track 3: Skills Development

  • Track 4: Student Success

  • Track 5: Security and Data

You can also download the PDF version of the Tracks and Topics Descriptions.

Information on proposals: Individual presenters will typically present on a particular topic for 20-25 minutes. If you wish, you may add a co-presenter from your university to share your time. The Planning Committee will select two or three presentations from various universities to share each 75-minute topic session.

The Planning Committee reserves the opportunity to request modifications of proposals in such a way as to benefit the overall program of TechForum, which may mean asking some individual presenters for format changes or slight focus shifts on topics to create more cohesion in a particular session.

The deadline for proposal submissions is Friday, June 5, 2015 by 5:00pm (CT). Presenters will be notified by the Planning Committee as to the status of their proposals on or around June 30, 2015. If you have questions, please contact Galen Rafferty at the CIC office by phone at 217-265-0848 or by email at