Purchasing-related - Introduction



The Big Ten Academic Alliance CIOs engage in a variety of activities where leveraging purchasing power, influence, or sharing best practices makes sense. In some cases, these collaborations have led to millions of dollars in savings and new opportunities. A brief description of current purchasing-related activities are listed below.

  • Increasing IT Accessibility:  The Big Ten Academic Alliance CIOs charged an IT Accessibility group with the task of sharing concerns, awareness, and information regarding accessibility of IT resources, as well as improving engagement and cultivating awareness with vendors about the need for increased accessibility.  This group shares effective practices for accessibility across domains of policy, business practice, tools, and technologies.
  • Collaborative Software Licenses: The Big Ten Academic Alliance CIOs charged an IT Licensing Task Force with the responsibility for exploring and negotiating collaborative license opportunities for software products that could create cost avoidance or more favorable terms due to multi-university leverage. To date, collaborative software licenses have been negotiated for Symantec Anti-Virus and SPSS, common in data analysis. An RFP process for endpoint security software resulted in a collaborative license with Symantec in 2010 which was renewed in 2013.

Vendor Guide to Web Accessibility

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