Journal Article Discusses Value of CIC Affiliation

Feb 02, 2010

An article in the most recent edition of the academic journal New Directions in Higher Education (Volume 2009 Issue 148, Pages 55 - 63) cites the Committee on Institutional Cooperation and its value to its member institutions, almost all of whom are also members of the Big Ten athletic conference.

Author Kyle V. Sweitzer of Michigan State University writes in Institutional ambitions and athletic conference affiliation:

"Several institutions have switched conferences for reasons beyond athletics, including the intention of enhancing their prestige. In Division I, Pennsylvania State University joined the Big Ten in the early 1990s. ... On entering the Big Ten, Penn State became part of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation or CIC (which also includes the University of Chicago, an early Big Ten member). The CIC promotes collaboration across institutions, in areas such as study abroad, language instruction, and libraries ... ."

The New Directions in Higher Education article was cited in the same Jan. 30 New York Times story as the CIC.

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