CIC Professionals Speak at Recent Conferences

May 25, 2010

Mark Sandler, Director of the CIC Center for Library Initiatives, and Amber Marks, Assistant Director for Course Sharing and Professional Development, were featured guest speakers at two recent conferences.

Sandler was invited to speak at the recent 2010 Medical Library Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C. He was one of two panelists for the May 24 session, "E-books and the Health Sciences Library: Fourth Annual Lecture on the Evidence-based Practice of Librarianship". Sandler's talk provided an overview of trends and developments in the e-book space; the CIC CLI has made recent high-profile purchases of e-books.

Marks was a presenter at the Fifth W. E. Petersen Symposium, "Challenges and Opportunities in Animal Science Graduate Education," on May 20 at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul. Marks' talk focused on CourseShare, the CIC's online distance learning collaboration. CourseShare facilitates the sharing of courses between member universities by utilizing various technologies, most notably videoconferencing. One of the symposium's goals was "to develop strategies for cooperation between universities in offering needed courses in an efficient and sustainable manner."

CIC staff often are invited to speak as guest lecturers, panelists, and speakers for a wide variety of events and occasions.
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