IU Provost Hanson's Essay Featured on Inside Higher Education

Jan 04, 2011
An essay discussing international affairs and universities written by Karen Hanson, Provost of the Bloomington campus and Executive Vice President of Indiana University, was featured Jan. 3 on the Inside Higher Education website.

Hanson's essay was a response to a question posed by Nigel Thrift, Vice-Chancellor, University of Warwick, UK: “Are universities optimally organized to address the fundamental ‘global challenges’ that exist, and at the pace these challenges deserve to be addressed?

In it, Hanson argues that while universities may be addressing these challenges, their role in preserving education and research in other areas should not be criticized or diminished.

"I don’t in the least disagree with the call for universities to be more cooperative with one another and to be more fully internationalized," Hanson writes. "Answering that call should not, however, involve neglecting all activities that do not directly contribute to solving those problems."

Hanson also references IU's various international and consortial activities and partnerships, and highlights its role as a member of the CIC.  

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