Chronicle of Higher Education Spotlights the Ongoing Work From the Big 10/CIC Head Injury Summit

Aug 01, 2011

There's a great deal of exciting collaboration being done across the universities of the CIC coming out of the recent Big 10/CIC Head Injury Summit held this past spring.

The Chronicle of Higher Education article explores how experts are working together to better understand the causes and effects of sports-related concussions and head injuries.

"The idea emerged from a faculty-led meeting on sport-related concussions held this spring at the Big Ten's headquarters outside Chicago. There, more than three dozen experts in a variety of fields, including sports medicine, athletic training, ophthalmology, and neurology, shared new and continuing research related to traumatic brain injuries. In the months since, the consortium has built a secure Web site equipped with expansive data storage capable of holding large files like brain scans and other high-resolution images. Those images, along with other yet-to-be-published information, will be available to scholars for use in their own research.

Christie L. Sahley, a professor of biological sciences at Purdue University, says she has high hopes that the Big Ten universities will put their considerable research capabilities to good use." 

"... when it comes to concussion research, says Ms. Sahley, of Purdue, having one or two brains tackling the problem is fine. Thirteen universities' worth, she says, is even better."

Learn more about how the CIC Data Storage Working Group is supporting this collaboration.

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