Panels, Sessions, and Networking: The CIC at the 2012 MLA Conference

Dec 23, 2011

The Modern Language Association's Annual Meeting is upon us.  Faculty from across the CIC will join their colleagues in Seattle to engage under this year's theme of  “Language, Literature, Learning.”

This Presidential Theme is explored in a featured panel with CIC's Executive Director, Barbara McFadden Allen; Bruce Burgett, Univ. of Washington, Bothell; Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed; Susan E. Jeffords, Univ. of Washington; and Esther Mackintosh, Federation of State Humanities Councils.

Making a Case for the Humanities: Advocacy and Audience

Thursday, January 5
1:45–3:00 p.m., 612, Washington State Convention Center
Program arranged by the MLA Delegate Assembly Organizing Committee
Presiding: Teresa Mangum, Univ. of Iowa

Session Description: Administrators, funding agencies, legislators, taxpayers, donors, parents, students, and colleagues in science, business, engineering, and medicine: how can we address these diverse audiences on their terms? Given these groups' priorities and obligations, what compelling reasons can we offer that it is in their interest to become advocates for the study of literature and languages? Our distinguished panelists share insight, advice, and experiences.

On the library front, Jeremy York, of HathiTrust will participate in:

Large Digital Libraries: Beyond Google Books

Special Session
Thursday, January 5
12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., 611 WSCC

John Wilkin of HathiTrust will participate in: 

Preservation Is (Not) Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose
Saturday, January 7
10:15–11:30 a.m., 307, WSCC
Program arranged by the Discussion Group on Libraries and Research in Languages and Literatures
Presiding: Robert H. Kieft, Occidental Coll.

Session Description: The speakers will discuss the preservation of texts as a core purpose of libraries, engaging questions regarding the tasks of deciding what materials to preserve and when and which to let go: best practices; institutional and collective roles for the preservation of materials in various formats; economics and governance structures of preserving materials; issues of tools, standards, and platforms for digital materials.

Please consider joining your colleagues from across the universities of the CIC for some networking, noshing, and live music on Saturday night:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

7-9:30 pm @ The Triple Door Lounge 

216 Union Street, Seattle

For more on the conference, please visit MLA's conference site.

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