Benefits of Membership: UN-L and CIC Enriched by Collaboration

Jan 03, 2012

Although it's only been six months since University of Nebraska-Lincoln joined the CIC, the benefits of the relationship have proven to be exponential for all parties involved.  

As noted in a recent Omaha World-Herald article, UN-L is "attracting higher-quality candidates for campus academic posts, collaborating with its new conference colleagues on cutting-edge research and garnering more interest for potential students."

The advantages of the collaboration have reverberated across the the consortium.  For example, the Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration is a collaborative research effort emerging from the CIC and the Big Ten. With a mission to better understand the causes and effects of sports-related concussion and head injuries, the research collaboration is directed by UN-L's Dennis L. Molfese.  Under Dr. Molfese's leadership, the initiative brings together CIC researchers to work collaboratively, giving them access to a larger collection of laboratories, coaches, athletic trainers, scientists, and team physicians.

In addition, the CIC's digital humanities initiative is benefiting from UN-L's pioneering work in the field.  The upcoming CIC Digital Humanities Summit, held this spring at UN-L, will explore how to increase opportunities for researchers, enrich programs, accelerate innovation, and promote sustainability in the field.

For more on UN-L's entrance into the CIC, please visit the CIC newsroom.

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