From the Midwest to the World: CIC International Initiatives' Continued Momentum

Nov 12, 2012

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Building on the hugely successful co-hosting of the 5th Global University Summit, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation has continued to increase the impact of its international efforts. With leadership from Senior International Officers (SIOs), CIC member universities have increased support and commitment to international collaboration on many different fronts. 

This summer, Jamie McGowan joined the CIC staff as International Programs Manager. With thirteen years of experience in international and area studies and completing her Ph.D. in geography at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, McGowan manages and directs the many strategic initiatives of the CIC Senior International Officers, including working with the Brazil Science Without Borders and the Khorana Scholars programs as well as facilitating the collaborative activities of groups such as the Study Abroad Directors and the CIC Shared Programs Abroad Coordinators. She joins Barbara McFadden Allen, Executive Director, and Karen Partlow, Associate Director, who have oversight of the international portfolio of the CIC. 

Seeking to enhance their overall impact, CIC Study Abroad Directors aim to increase access to and improve the quality of international education experiences through prioritizing three outcomes: improving their local study abroad programs; influencing policy that improves the quality of international education nationally; and leveraging CIC members’ international programs and resources. With these goals and outcomes in mind, the directors are launching a series of collaborative initiatives that will enable them to achieve these goals and outcomes and ultimately enrich the internationalization of education for CIC students.

Brazil's Scientific Mobility Program

CIC universities are collaborating with Brazil’s Scientific Mobility Program, providing graduate and undergraduate education to students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematic (STEM) fields as well as providing intensive English language training to support student success at the CIC schools. In addition, McGowan along with Partlow are coordinating the provision of English language training opportunities for high school English teachers and there is a new CIC web portal for SWB students highlighting the CIC universities’ academic programs and admissions websites. 

International Travel Insurance

The University of Michigan on behalf of the CIC led an RFP team for Travel Abroad Health Insurance and Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation Insurance in early 2012. Four CIC members participated on the RFP including the University of Chicago, Indiana University, Pennsylvania State University, and Purdue University. The RFP led to an award for improved comprehensive coverage, lower prices, minimal exclusions, and is extensible to all schools in the CIC. 

Khorana Scholars Program

The Khorana Scholars Program is an initiative led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Government of India and the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum with participation from six other CIC universities. McGowan and Partlow are working together to provide support to this initiative for 2013 while Madison mobilizes its support for the long-term. The Khorana initiative supports the internationalization of scientific research by enabling two-way student exchanges in Biotechnology and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. Through the program, top Indian students work in CIC university laboratories for the summer, and top CIC students likewise conduct research in Indian labs. 

International collaborative degrees survey

In supporting the work of the Senior International Officers, McGowan is tracking the international collaborative degrees that the CIC universities offer. These are degree programs offered in conjunction with international partner institutions. Ninety-three international collaborative degrees are currently available through twelve CIC universities, which represents a 50 percent increase since 2011. Most of these programs are available through engineering, business, agriculture and law and partnerships are largely based with universities in China and South Korea. A new global brief will be released in December 2012 that highlights the scope of these international degree programs.

As the CIC continues to be at the forefront of international collaboration, McGowan is enthusiastic about taking the programs to the next level, saying "It's an exciting time to be working at the CIC and helping to coordinate institutional synergies and opportunities among such top universities.”

Please visit the CIC Global Collaborations web page for more information on student opportunities and the efforts of the CIC SIOs.

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