Out-of-Copyright but No Longer Out-of-SIght

Mar 28, 2013
reading room at OSU

OSU Libraries have begun sending their collection's out-of-print books to the Google Books Library Project for scanning. 

OSU indicated its interest in joining the project in 2009 as part of the CIC Libraries’ agreement, but because other universities and colleges were in line for scanning ahead of it and Thompson Library was going through its renovation, Ohio State did not start sending books to Google until this month.

All the digitized works are being kept within the HathiTrust, a collective of 60 international libraries that ensures such works will be preserved for all time. Ohio State is a founding member of HathiTrust as part of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation. Anyone can access the works at, which has its infrastructure at the universities of Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

For more about Ohio State's efforts, visit the article: Ohio State’s books begin their Google journey.

Read more: the CIC/HathiTrust Digital Repository and the CIC's Google Book Search Project.

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