CIC in the News: The NJ Star-Ledger on the Advantages of Membership

May 08, 2013

Rutgers students will see the benefits of membership in the CIC as early as this fall when they can begin enrolling in study abroad programs, online language classes and other programs at universities in the consortium. 

As outlined in a recent Star-Ledger article, Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff are poised to maximize their place as one of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation's newest members.

Highlighting the impact on Rutgers' library, the article notes:

In perhaps one of the biggest changes on campus, Rutgers’ library will have access to 100 million books and other volumes at other CIC universities and take advantage of volume discounts to purchase new materials.

"The Rutgers library just grew by leaps and bounds," said Marianne Gaunt, vice president for information services and university librarian.

Rutgers will also be included in a CIC project with Google to digitize library materials and make them available on the internet. The university will probably begin by letting Google digitize its extensive jazz history collection and materials related to New Jersey history, Gaunt said.

For the complete article: Big Ten Consortium Officials Tour Rutgers Looking for Academic Partnerships

For more on Rutgers University's entrance into the CIC, please visit the CIC Expansion pages.

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