The CIC Welcomes Monsters University to Membership

Apr 01, 2014

Top-Tier Research Institution Joins Consortium

Monsters University has become a member of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, effective April 1, 2014. Founded in 1313, MU is a private, pan-educational university with over 12,000 undergraduates, located two hours from downtown Monstropolis.

Monsters University joins the CIC at a very exciting time for the consortium.  For more than 55 years, CIC member universities have collaborated to advance their academic missions, generate unique opportunities for students and faculty, and serve the common good by sharing expertise, leveraging campus resources, and creating innovative programming.  

The addition of Monsters University will increase CIC membership to 16 institutions, which includes the Big Ten Conference institutions and the University of Chicago. All CIC universities share a very strong research emphasis and MU’s School of Scaring will significantly enrich the research portfolio of the consortium.

Together CIC universities offer countless opportunities and resources to faculty and students. The addition of MU will add another 89,000 library volumes to the CIC’s already impressive 111 million in holdings. MU’s 89 full-time faculty bring leading-edge collaborative research to the CIC, including the work of:

Professor Knight
Tenured Professor of Fright, School of Scaring
Just released the 15th edition of his book "A Study of Scaring," complete with new data and techniques directly from MU classroom experiences

Dr. Rufus Oozeman
Distinguished Professor, School of Engineering
Received a patent on his scream canister filtration design

Dr. Timofus Trimboleek
Professor, School of Scaring
Awarded a grant to study long-term effects of direct Scream exposure

From sharing lab resources and facilities, to digitizing millions of book volumes, to strategically co-investing in technology infrastructure, CIC universities work smarter, harder, together every day. 

Said CIC Executive Director Barbara McFadden Allen, "We are pleased to welcome so many distinguished faculty and staff from Monsters University. Our campus visits have reinforced our belief that this outstanding university is a perfect fit-- culturally and academically--for the CIC."


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