University of Maryland Embraces Opportunities Offered by CIC Membership

Apr 10, 2014

It's been a busy year at the University of Maryland.  

Even before officially joining the Committee on Institutional Cooperation on June 1, 2013, folks across the Maryland campus starting building connections with their CIC counterparts in labs, classrooms, libraries, and theaters.  

As highlighted in Maryland's new Think BIG! video, these connections have already had a high impact throughout the university. 

For example:
  • Maryland researchers will host a research forum with the head of CIC's Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration.
  • Student government leaders are working with their counterparts across the CIC to lobby on Capitol Hill.
  • Maryland's Amy Marquardt has been awarded a CIC/Smithsonian Fellowship.
  • CIC Theater Schools are collaborating in commissioning and producing a play.
For more on how Maryland has embraced CIC membership, see the full video and Think BIG web site. 
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