Big Ten–Ivy League Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration

Oct 10, 2018
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The Big Ten-Ivy League Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration is a multi-institutional research effort whose mission is to better understand the causes and effects of sport-related concussion and head injuries.

Collaborations and publications are continuing to emerge from the participants. The sixth annual TBI Summit was held in July in Philadelphia with a record 150 attendees representing all 22 institutions. There were 19 poster presentations—also a record. The 2019 TBI Summit will be held July 16-17 in Rosemont, Illinois. 

A feature study of the TBI Collaboration is the Ivy League-Big Ten Epidemiology of Concussion Study. Started in the Ivy League in 2013, this multi-site, prospective, observational study seeks to characterize the epidemiology of concussions among student athletes. The study now includes 16 Ivy League and Big Ten institutions.

A recent publication in JAMA demonstrates the rigor and potential of this significant study. The Ivy League has analyzed its conference-specific football data, which led to the support of an experimental rule in football that reduced concussions by moving the kickoff line from the 35- to the 40-yard line, and the touchback line from the 25- to the 20-yard line. The two seasons under this experimental kickoff rule have seen a 68 percent reduction in concussions in kickoffs. The research study team includes Doug Wiebe and Bernadette D’Alonzo, University of Pennsylvania; Carolyn Campbell-McGovern, The Ivy League; and Margot Putukian at Princeton University.

To read the full publication, go to: Association Between the Experimental Kickoff Rule and Concussion Rates in Ivy League Football.

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