CHE: The Future of Campus Libraries? ‘Sticky Interdependence’

Oct 10, 2019


Big Ten Academic Alliance librarians are continuing to shape the future of academic libraries with a commitment to work toward managing their separate collections "as if they were a single, shared one."

A deep dive by the Chronicle of Higher Education, explores this new "vision of a more codependent system in which research libraries pledge to preserve individual collection areas, allowing other institutions to allocate spending elsewhere. In a large, fully networked library system, users could more regularly get materials from other campuses, similar to an interlibrary loan, as individual collections would be more specialized and distinct. It’s an idea, long building, that acknowledges that the competition to acquire, acquire, acquire must change."

High-density book storage


"The Big Ten library directors have a long history of leveraging their scale to achieve significant results," said Big Ten Academic Alliance Director of Library Initiatives, Kim Armstrong. "As founding partners of the HathiTrust Digitial Library and the first consortial partner with the Google Books scanning project, the Big Ten libraries have demonstrated that their collaborations benefit not only their campuses, but enhances the information environment for all."

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The Future of Campus Libraries? ‘Sticky Interdependence’



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