Annual Report 2009-10

CIC Highlights 2009-10
Illuminating the Present, Shaping the Future

Member Universities:

  • University of Chicago
  • University of Illinois
  • Indiana University
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Minnesota
  • Northwestern University
  • Ohio State University
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Purdue University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison


Area of Activity 2009-10 Impact
Advancing Research More than 1,000 graduate students and researchers registered for Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering courses, supported and hosted by CIC members
Leadership Development More than 140 faculty and administrators participated in intensive leadership development programs
Professional Networking and Support Approximately 100 CIC groups convened meetings and conferences with more than 2,000 faculty and staff attending
Digital Collections 2.9 million volumes added to the HathiTrust, the shared digital repository co-founded by the CIC
Technology Infrastructure Doubled connectivity to Internet2 to 20 gigabits per second, giving faculty and researchers twice the bandwidth
Purchasing and Library Licensing Savings Saved more than $11 million in collaborative purchasing contracts, result of strategic co-investments and shared contracts
Shared Course Opportunities More than 415 students participated in more than 200 courses
Summer Research Opportunities Program 450 underrepresented student researchers worked with faculty mentors over summer/attended July conference
Study Abroad Opportunities 865 students participated in shared/collaborative study abroad programs, a 17 percent jump from 2008-09

CIC Member Universities at a Glance

Total Full-Time Faculty:
Total Full-Time Graduate Student Enrollment:
Total Full-Time Undergraduate Enrollment:
Total Undergraduate Degrees Conferred:
Total Doctoral Degrees Conferred:
Total Funded Research Expenditures:
$7 billion

Financial Highlights 2009-10

2009-10 Expenditures
Expenses Amount
Personnel $1,542,673
Meetings and Travel 112,986
Supplies and Services 134,441
Fixed Costs 173,912
Programs/Projects 257,715
Replenish Reserves 17,552
Total $2,239,279
2009-10 Revenue
Revenues Amount
Dues and Assessments $2,001,540
Grants and ICR 22,200
Other Income 159,959
Withdraw Reserves 59,580
Total $2,239,279

CIC Highlights 2009-10

"Across the CIC, collaborations are deeper, more sophisticated, and more consequential than ever— but in many ways,we've just started to tap its potential." –Kim Wilcox, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs,Michigan State University

Promoting Research

CIC members engaged in $7 billion in research in 2009-2010. In the past year the CIC sent a delegation to explore expanding existing research relationships in India; while in Africa, faculty members from three institutions are collaborating on a multidisciplinary project. CIC members also sponsored the Virtual School to educate researchers at the frontiers of petascale computing-enabled science and engineering. The CIC disseminates information about member research discoveries via the BigScience Newswire, which aggregates the latest research news and distributes it via multiple online channels.

Saving Money

By pooling together the purchasing power of 12 universities, CIC members achieve significant savings. The Purchasing Directors managed more than 12 group contracts for commodities such as lab supplies and dorm mattresses, resulting in more than $5.6 million in savings for participating universities in 2009-10. Strategic co-investment in licensing allowed CIC libraries to save $5.48 million, a savings of 25 percent, also in FY 2009.

Increasing Academic Opportunities

The CIC’s electronic distance learning initiative, CourseShare, delivered 38 classes—including 18 less commonly taught language courses—in 2009-10. CourseShare has “graduated” from the pilot stage into a full-fledged program that continues to add capacity. The Summer Research Opportunities Program (which will celebrate its 25th year in 2010- 11) featured a diverse cohort of 450 outstanding students who immersed themselves in research experiences on CIC campuses. Collaborative study abroad initiatives saw a 17 percent jump in student participation, serving more than 860 students.

CIC Highlights 2009-10

"(The CIC is) a terrific opportunity for discussion and collaboration among colleagues — and in some cases, competitors — to share a common understanding and to make everyone more efficient and effective." – University of Minnesota Provost Tom Sullivan, in the Minnesota Daily

Building Technology Infrastructure

In 2010, a major system upgrade to the CIC OmniPoP fiber network collaboration included doubling its Internet2 bandwidth capacity to 20 gigabits per second—giving faculty and researchers twice the connectivity to each other and to key network research hubs around the world. The CIC progressed in efforts to facilitate access to shared online resources by allowing individuals from members universities to use local campus logins, or federated identity and access; it successfully federated access to TeraGrid, a NSF-funded nationwide network of highperformance computing centers.

Investing in the Library of the Future

Under the direction of the CIC library directors, the Center for Library Initiatives is a national leader in developing ways to procure, store and view library content. The library directors have committed to coinvest funds strategically to build a collective digital library, ensuring that all faculty and staff have access to the same body of material. The coordinated group purchasing allows every CIC member library to expand collections beyond what each library would be able to do on its own. The funding commitment for co-investment has doubled starting in 2010-11.

Looking Ahead: New Member to CIC = Increased Collaboration Opportunities

The CIC will welcome the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as its 13th member on July 1, 2011. A timeline detailing the CIC's efforts to integrate UNL into the consortium, as well as a list of frequently asked questions, is available at This event represents an opportunity to evaluate the CIC's development as well as a celebration of accomplishment and impact. The year 2010-2011 will be one of growth, increased opportunity and rejuvenation.

Message from the CIC Chair and CIC Director

A significant common thread all CIC universities share is their commitment to extensive research activity and engaging both undergraduate and graduate students in the process of discovering and disseminating new knowledge.Member institutions engage in $7 billion of funded research each year, and CIC initiatives provide a backbone of support for the educational and research environment.

A main objective of the CIC's new strategic directions for 2011-14, recently approved by the Provosts, is to seize upon collaborative opportunities in the research arena. The CIC is stepping out from its behind-the-scenes efforts of the past. Increasing collaborative research opportunities is imperative for member universities to remain at the forefront of innovation and discovery, as well as teaching and learning.

These activities will enhance the CIC's nationally renowned portfolio of dynamic programs and initiatives in areas including course and infrastructure sharing, joint purchasing, cooperation among our libraries, collaboration on international and study abroad opportunities, minority student recruitment/retention, and leadership development programs.

Collaboration isn't easy. It takes hard work, cooperation, and a shared sense of purpose. Within the CIC, the value of collaboration makes it worth the effort today—as you see in this document as we present the CIC highlights of 2009-10—and for years to come.

Rodney A. Erickson
Executive Vice President & Provost, Pennsylvania State University
Chair, Committee on Institutional Cooperation

Barbara McFadden Allen
CIC Director

The CIC is the nation’s premier higher education consortium of top-tier research institutions, including the Big Ten Conference members and the University of Chicago.Through collaboration CIC members save money, share assets, and increase teaching, learning and research opportunities.

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