Deans Develop Plan to Increase Access to Languages

Nov 05, 2009
CIC liberal arts and sciences (LAS) deans and international studies deans have collaborated to develop a plan to increase access to less commonly taught languages across the consortium. The strategy builds upon CourseShare, a successful distance learning pilot project that has delivered 54 language courses since it started three years ago.
Launching a coordinated, sustainable mechanism to expand the delivery of less commonly taught languages is a high priority. Representatives of the CIC recently met with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to discuss a potential partnership that will help to enable the implementation of this plan.

Three deans – Gilles Bousquet, dean of International Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Bennett Bertenthal, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University; and Jim Parente Jr. dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota – along with executive director Barbara McFadden Allen visited the Mellon Foundation's New York City headquarters in late October.

The report "Strategy for Less Commonly Taught Languages in the CIC" includes recommendations of how to advance CIC collaboration in less commonly taught languages.