Penn State Lauds Benefits of CIC Membership

Sep 07, 2010

Virtually everyone at Pennsylvania State University "has reaped the benefits of membership" in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation, said Rod Erickson, Penn State's executive vice president and provost in an article published Sept. 3 by Penn State's news arm.

The article details Penn State's participation in almost every major CIC program and initiative, including study abroad, purchasing, technology, course sharing, leadership development, efforts to increase opportunities for underrepresented students and faculty and library collaborations.

The story emphasizes how Penn State -- as a direct result of its CIC membership -- expands opportunities for its students; how it saves the University money;  and how it furthers the university's research a mission.

In addition to Erickson, the chair of the CIC board, and several other Penn State officials, the article also quotes CIC Director Barbara McFadden Allen.

"(The CIC) brings together really smart people from all these campuses," Allen said. "They're the best in the world at what they do. They don't just come up with ways to solve problems, but they're coming up with new models for how research is being done. We're giving them the tools to make that happen."

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