Six CIC Libraries To Begin Pilot Program with Corsotial Borrowing Software Relais D2D

Mar 31, 2011
Six CIC libraries have agreed to proceed with a pilot of Relais D2D, a next-generation software platform for consortial borrowing.

The University of Chicago; University of Iowa; University of Michigan; Michigan State University; Northwestern University; and Pennsylvania State University will implement Relais D2D over the summer with the goal of being live by the fall semester 2011.
Relais D2D is a standards based, open system that offers a framework upon which new services and options can be offered to patrons.  The MasterKey™ platform from Index Data is the basis for a fully featured discovery layer for patrons.  A ‘live’ availability check notifies the patron immediately as to whether the material they want can be supplied from a CIC library.  Should the material not be available, the option to submit a request for processing via traditional ILL is provided.  In the CIC implementation Relais D2D will pass the availability information for requests to each library’s local ILL system, ILLiad.  The library staff will manage all requests via their respective ILLiad system.  Atlas Systems and Relais International are working together to support this feature.
Clare MacKeigan, COO of Relais International, says “We are delighted to be working together with the CIC members to provide a new resource sharing platform for their end users and staff.  As with all of our customers, we are looking forward to a long and close working relationship.”
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