CIC's Karen Partlow Leading Key Initiatives

Mar 28, 2013

CIC Executive Director, Barbara McFadden Allen announced that Karen Partlow is now a Senior Associate Director of the consortium.

Responsible for Technical Collaborations and the CIC's International efforts, Partlow has been with the CIC since 2000.  In that time, she has led many of the CIC's major collaborations, such as OmniPoP, the fiber optic network collaboration between schools; the US/India scholar-exchange program, Khorana Scholars; and the CIC's effort to bring Brazil's best students to CIC universities through a partnership with Brazil's Scientific Mobility Program.

In announcing Partlow's new title, Executive Director Allen said, "In her 12+ years of service with the CIC, Karen has positively influenced the development of virtually every one of our key initiatives. This title better reflects her contributions to the organization."

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