CIC Staff Contacts:

Galen Rafferty
Assistant Director,
Technology Collaboration

Trish Curry
Program Coordinator,
Technology Collaboration

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Hosted by the CIC Chief Information Officers and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign at the iHotel and Conference Center.


Information about the Plenary Speakers


The CIC CIO TechForum is a biennial professional development opportunity supported by the CIC CIOs for their respective staffs in central and some campus IT organizations. Attendee-led presentations by select IT staff will address enterprise-level strategic issues facing IT across a range of cross-cutting topics. The primary target audience for TechForum is middle managers and project directors who don't typically attend large IT conferences, although TechForum attracts some senior directors as well. There is no registration fee to attend TechForum for CIO-approved attendees.