Faculty Opportunities

Faculty at Big Ten Academic Alliance universities enjoy a plethora of collaborative opportunities that are designed to enhance their personal networks, scholarship, research, mentoring and leadership potential.


Faculty communities of interest:  Relationships of trust and respect between Big Ten Academic Alliance colleges and departments are keys to successful partnerships. Faculty from similar Big Ten Academic Alliance departments often meet via phone, videoconference, or while attending professional conferences to share experiences and identify opportunities to work together. More about Faculty Communities of Interest

CourseShare: Faculty can use CourseShare to increase access to specialized courses for all Big Ten Academic Alliance universities and their students. Faculty enjoy course sharing for the chance to collaborate with respected peers at Big Ten Academic Alliance universities, expand course enrollment with talented students,  employ new technologies, fill curricular gaps, preserve specialized courses, and strengthen student recruitment efforts. More about CourseShare

Enhance scholarship and research: Known to scholars worldwide, Big Ten Academic Alliance library collections reflect decades of careful investment. The Big Ten Academic Alliance Library Directors have capitalized on these distinctive resources by co-founding the Big Ten Academic Alliance/HathiTrust Digital Repository, which will house up to 10 million volumes from Big Ten Academic Alliance member libraries digitized through the Google Book Search Project. More about Scholarship and Research

Diversity and Recruitment:  Big Ten Academic Alliance universities are committed to fostering campus communities that reflect the broader diversity of our nation. From undergraduate research to the doctorate, Big Ten Academic Alliance universities share resources for recruiting and developing diverse talent pools. More about Diversity and Recruitment

Academic Leadership Development:  In order to remain viable and competitive, universities must continually invest in their faculty and staff. By leveraging resources and drawing upon the expertise within the member institutions, Big Ten Academic Alliance is able to offer professional development opportunities that are highly relevant and effective. More about Academic Leadership Development

IT Support for Collaborative Research:  OmniPoP is a fiber optic networking collaboration that connects Big Ten Academic Alliance universities to each other and to research "hubs" worldwide, giving researchers, faculty, staff and students access to ultra-broad bandwidth infrastructure and powerful network services. More about OmniPoP