Global Collaborations

Working Together to Prepare Tomorrow’s Global Citizens and Scholars


Today’s world-class universities provide the best in teaching and research to prepare students and scholars to compete and contribute in our global society. The Senior International Officers, who provide executive leadership in the global arena for the Big Ten Academic Alliance universities, work together to facilitate an international perspective throughout all aspects of the educational experience at Big Ten Academic Alliance universities, including teaching, research and service.

By working together, Big Ten Academic Alliance universities:

  • increase students’ access to enriching international experiences—both here and abroad—which are key to students’ understanding of their role as global citizens; 
  • increase opportunities for faculty to expand their awareness through international travel, enhancing their ability to integrate a global perspective into coursework at home; 
  • establish and operate global research partnerships that match Big Ten Academic Alliance researchers with their international colleagues,  sparking innovation and discovery;
  • leverage both investments and ideas to provide leadership and save money, staff resources and time related to global initiatives.

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Open Doors Reports

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Shared Programs Abroad

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Overseas Offices 2016

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Travel Registries

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