TBI - Collaborative Research

Ivy League-Big Ten Epidemiology of Concussion Study in Students Athletes

The Ivy League-Big Ten Epidemiology of Concussion Study in Students Athletes is a multisite research collaboration of the Big Ten–Ivy League Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration (TBI Collaboration) with the following vision and goals:


  • To improve the understanding of the epidemiology of sports-related concussion (SRC)

Study Goals:

  • To obtain epidemiologic data regarding the incidence, mechanism of injury, and return to academic and sport participation timeline of concussion for all varsity and some club sports endorsed by the Ivy League and Big Ten schools
  • To efficiently utilize the Study data to identify opportunities to improve the health and safety of current and future student-athletes
  • To provide a Study infrastructure supporting a collaborative and participatory research community

Participant Sites

TBI Map - Epidemiology Participant Sites

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TBI - Epidemiology Site Participants

  • Brown University

    Brown University brown

    Matthew Culp, PI/AT
    Head Athletic Trainer

    JJ Trey Crisco joseph_crisco@brown.edu TP
    Russ Fiore

  • Columbia University

    Columbia University columbia

    William Levine
    William Levine, PI/TP
    Head Team Physician

    Forrest Anderson fla2102@cumc.columbia.edu RA
    Jim Gossett jdg2@columbia.edu AT
    Elizabeth Grubb erg2134@columbia.edu AT
    Jumpei Harada jh2810@columbia.edu AT
    Alexander Goldberg ag3311@columbia.edu RA
    Reynolds Ostrover reo2116@columbia.edu  RA
    Cemi Abreu ca2647@columbia.edu AT 
    Christie Bonn cs3047@columbia.edu AT
    Aphrodite Daphnis ad3435@columbia.edu  AT
    Aliza Feuerstein af3016@columbia.edu  AT
    Jen Spicer js4898@columbia.edu  AT
    Theodore Crowling tc2984@columbia.edu  
    Tamara Sagadore ts3200@columbia.edu  

  • Cornell University

    Cornell University cornell

    David Wentzel
    David Wentzel, PI/TP
    Clinical Director of Sports Medicine

    Bernie DePalma bfd5@cornell.edu AT
    Katy Harris kg237@cornell.edu AT

  • Dartmouth College

    Dartmouth College dartmouth

    Kristine Karlson
    Kristine Karlson, PI/TP
    Team Physician

    Meredith Cockerell meredith.cockerell@dartmouth.edu AT/RA
    Jeff Frechette jeffrey.c.frechette@dartmouth.edu AT

  • Harvard University

    Harvard University columbia

    Francis Wang
    Francis Wang, PI/TP
    Head Team Physician

    Chloe Amaradio chloe.amaradio@my.liu.edu AT
    Brant Berkstresser bberkstr@fas.harvard.edu AT
    Lars Richardson lrichardson@partners.org PI

  • University of Pennsylvania

    University of Pennsylvania columbia

    Brian Sennett
    Brian Sennett, PI/TP
    Chair of Sports Medicine

    Emily Dorman emarkis@upenn.edu AT
    Amy Graber amylgr@upenn.edu AT
    Alan Ho alanho@upenn.edu AT
    Beth Howard beth.howard@uphs.upenn.edu RA
    Jamel Jones jamelj@upenn.edu AT
    Philip Samko samko@upenn.edu AT
    Jessica Turak jturak@upenn.edu  AT
    Anthony Erz aerz@upenn.edu  
    Meredith Henze mhenze@upenn.edu  
    Mike Burkeitt burkeitt@upenn.edu  
    Shelby Milne shmilne@upenn.edu  
    Christina Kossak    

  • Princeton University

    Princeton University cornell

    Margot Putukian
    Margot Putukian, PI/TP
    Director of Athletic Medicine

    Addam Reynolds addamr@princeton.edu RA

  • Yale University

    Yale University columbia

    Andrew Gotlin
    Andrew Gotlin, PI/TP
    Chief of Student Health and Athletic Medicine

    Wendy Brunnetto wendy.brunetto@yale.edu ADM
    Lindsay Snecinski lindsay.robillard@yale.edu AT
    Eliot (Yao-wen) Hu yao-wen.hu@yale.edu TP

  • University of Iowa

    University of Iowa dartmouth

    Andy Peterson
    Andy Peterson, PI/TP
    Team Physician

    Kathryn Staiert kathryn-staiert@uiowa.edu AT
    Donna Friel donna-friel@uiowa.edu ADM

  • Indiana University

    Indiana University dartmouth

    Nicholas Port
    Nicholas Port, PI
    Associate Professor

    Acacia Holmes aaholmes@indiana.edu AT
    Jacob Thayer jwthayer@iu.edu AT

  • University of Maryland

    University of Maryland cornell

    Dave Klossner
    Dave Klossner, PI/ADM
    Associate Athletic Director/Sport Performance

    Rebecca Hu rebeccahu27@gmail.com
    Xin He wfan1234@umd.edu TP

  • University of Illinois

    University of Illinois columbia

    Matthew B. Wheeler
    Matthew B. Wheeler, PI

    Paul Schmidt schmidtp@illinois.edu AT
    Randy Ballard ballardr@illinois.edu AT
    Tyler Wood tawood2@illinois.edu

  • University of Nebraska

    University of Nebraska cornell

    Art Maerlender
    Art Maerlender, PI
    Director of Clinical Research, CB3

    Todd Caze todd.caze@gmail.com RA
    Cary Savage csavage@unl.edu
    Elliot Carlson elliot.carlson@unl.edu RA

  • Michigan State University

    Michigan State University cornell

    Matthew Saffarian
    Matthew Saffarian, PI
    Team Physician

    Katy Rogers ckrogers@msu.edu AT (student)

  • Rutgers University

    Rutgers University columbia

    Carrie Esopenko
    Carrie Esopenko, PI
    Assistant Professor

    Kyle Brostrand kbrostrand@scarletknights.com AT
    Chris D'Andrea cdandrea@scarletknights.com AT
    Yvette Rooks yrooksmd@yahoo.com TP