Professorial Advancement Initiative (PAI) - Mentors

Diversity at all levels is important to the progression of URM students from college to graduate school to postdoc positions and finally into the university faculty ranks. The composition of university faculty plays a significant role in this progression, as faculty influence career choices made by undergrads, graduate students, and postdocs.

Our approach is to create and cultivate a mentoring-based professorial advancement initiative for URM Big Ten Academic Alliance postdocs, with the mission of training a new generation of exceptionally well-prepared scholars to populate the Big Ten Academic Alliance faculty ranks.

Resources and Curricula for PAI Mentors:

University of Illinois  •  Indiana University • University of Iowa  •  University of Michigan  •  Michigan State University  •  University of Minnesota  •  University of Nebraska-Lincoln  •  Northwestern University  •  Ohio State University  •  Pennsylvania State University  •  Purdue University  •  University of Wisconsin-Madison

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