Employment Opportunities

The member universities of the Big Ten Academic Alliance collaborate to advance their academic missions, generate unique opportunities for students and faculty, and serve the common good by sharing expertise, leveraging campus resources, and creating innovative programming.  

The Big Ten Academic Alliance offers a highly collegial headquarters office and the ability to work with some of the best leaders in American higher education. The staff has a genuine appreciation for research universities in general, and the Big Ten Academic Alliance universities in particular. Skilled in synthesizing information from many discussions into focused areas for action, the Big Ten Academic Alliance team has the ability to distinguish great ideas from the mediocre, deftly handle both concepts and personalities, and possesses the wherewithal to move projects from idea to action with autonomous groups and individuals.

What's it like to work at the Big Ten Academic Alliance ?

"Working for the Big Ten Academic Alliance is very energizing.  The headquarters team is incredible – smart, strategic, interesting, quirky, and dedicated to top performance."

"Our portfolio of activities today is very different than it was 5 years ago – the things we do now we couldn't have even
dreamed of doing back then, but building on our successes has allowed today's projects to become realities."

"Because of the breadth of areas covered by the work of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, there are many opportunities for us to model collaboration in our own office (between technology and libraries, or between student programs and international projects, etc.)."