Big Ten Academic Alliance universities engage in $10 billion in funded research each year. Leaders from our member universities are exploring ways to promote greater strategic engagement across the spectrum of the research enterprise to leverage and build upon the significant resources and research facilities. Additionally, Big Ten Academic Alliance universities engage in the following research-oriented initiatives:

BigScience Newswire: $10 billion in annual research – one discovery after another.  More about BigScience Newswire

Google Book Search Project: In 2007, the Big Ten Academic Alliance entered into an agreement with Google to digitize as many as 10 million volumes across all Big Ten Academic Alliance library systems.  More about Google Book Search Project

OmniPoP: OmniPoP is a fiber optic networking collaboration that connects Big Ten Academic Alliance universities to each other and to other research “hubs” worldwide, giving researchers, faculty, staff and students access to ultra-broad bandwidth infrastructure and powerful network services.  More about OmniPoP

Summer Research Opportunities Program: Big Ten Academic Alliance’s enduring commitment to student diversity and equal access to higher education manifests itself in the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP). SROP provides qualified undergraduate students with intensive research experiences and creates a pipeline for future graduate students, faculty and professionals.  More about SROP

The Future of Federal Research and Development in the Midwest Region: Report prepared by American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).  More about Future of Federal Research and Development in the Midwest Region