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Calendar and Events

Summer 2021
After consulting with the Big Ten Academic Alliance Provosts’ Executive Committee, we have decided to extend the cancellation of all Big Ten Academic Alliance face-to-face meetings and travel through August 15, 2021.

Fall 2021
While all our member institutions have announced their intention to have students return to campus and resume classroom instruction in the fall, most are being cautious about the resumption of ancillary activities that are not in direct support of the academic mission. This prudent approach allows institutions to devote their full attention to ensuring a safe and successful return to campus for faculty, staff, and students and reduces the number of non-essential visitors and interactions that could introduce risk.  

In accordance with the Big Ten Academic Alliance Provosts’ Executive Committee decisions, we are taking a tiered approach to the fall. First, we will not be planning or hosting any Big Ten Academic Alliance face-to-face meetings of 20 or more people this fall to minimize potential risk, avoid pulling needed resources away from member institution at a critical time, is mindful of ongoing travel restrictions at many member institutions, and reflects the limited capacity of the Big Ten Conference Center resulting from social distancing requirements.

As for meetings of 19 or fewer, we will make a determination on the feasibility of these smaller meetings on August 15, 2021. Please check  your group's listserv for the most up-to-date information on virtual gatherings/postponements.