Staff Directory

Big Ten Academic Alliance Staff

  • Keith Marshall

    Keith A. MarshallKeith Marshall
    Executive Director
    Responsible for the overall conduct of the Big Ten Academic Alliance headquarters’ staff and programs. Works with chief academic officers to define and implement the consortium's mission and agenda.
  • Rose Church

    JonesRose Church
    Administrative Assistant
    Office of the Executive Director
    Provides high-level administrative assistance to headquarters and executive leadership groups.
  • Kimberly Armstrong

    ArmstrongKimForWebKimberly Armstrong
    Library Initiatives
    Leads the Library Initiatives of the Big Ten Academic Alliance. Works with the directors of libraries to identify and facilitate cooperative programs, and serves as liaison to library-related working groups.
  • Heather Blair

    HeaHeather Blairther Blair
    Office Support Specialist
    Provides administrative support in the areas of operations and the international programs. Provides assistance in accounting, database management, meetings, conferences and general office support.
  • Cindy Chastain

    Chastain for Web 12-1-17Cindy Chastain
    Office Manager
    Provides financial transaction processing, account reconciliation, and general accounting support. Provides administrative support for collaborative purchasing activities.
  • Martha Cooper

    Martha Cooper
    Project Coordinator
    Big Ten/Ivy League TBI Research Collaboration
    Coordinates Big Ten/Ivy League Traumatic Brain Injury Research Collaboration project. Identifies collaborative opportunities among researchers and athletic representatives in the Big Ten and Ivy League. Coordinates meetings and the annual TBI Summit.
  • Rebecca Crist

    Rebecca CristRebecca Crist
    Project Manager
    Library Initiatives
    Works with digitization of government documents and the shared print repository projects.
  • Charity Farber

    Charity Farber
    Assistant Director
    Academic Programs
    Manages the strategic initiatives of the Graduate Deans. Coordinates faculty leadership development programs including the Academic Leadership Program (ALP) and Department Executive Officers (DEO) Seminar.

  • Katherine Galvin

    Katherine GalvinKatherine Galvin
    Leads a team in support of programs such as the fiber optic network, faculty leadership development, and large-scale research collaborations in traumatic brain injury and health equity. Manages the strategic directives of the Chief Information Officers, Graduate Deans, LAS Deans, Senior International Officers as well as other collaborating institutions
                                          and agencies.

  • Susanne Garrison

    GarrisonSusanne Garrison
    Office Administrator
    Library Initiatives
    Provides administrative support for the programs of the University Librarians. Provides assistance with travel, meetings, conferences, workshops, data gathering and database maintenance.
  • Susan Houston

    Susan HoustonSusan Houston
    Grants & Contracts Specialist
    Provides primary pre- and post-award sponsored project support to headquarters program staff and member stakeholders. Provides financial accounting assistance to the Assistant Director for Business Operations and project management support for ad hoc initiatives.
  • Karen Kaufman

    Kaufman-for-WebKaren Kaufman
    Office Support Specialist
    Academic Programs
    Provides administrative support for professional development programs and academic initiatives.
  • Sharon Lee

    Sharon LeeSharon Lee
    Office Support Specialist
    Technology Collaboration
    Provides administrative support for Technology Collaborations, including all programs sponsored by the Big Ten Academic Alliance CIOs. Provides assistance in the areas of accounting, database management, meetings, conferences and general office support.
  • Jamie McGowan

    Jamie McGowanJamie McGowan, Ph.D.
    Assistant Director
    Global Collaborations
    Manages and directs the strategic initiatives of the Senior International Officers including planning for projects, programs and events. Coordinates health equity, international fellowships, and study abroad initiatives.
  • Kara McKinn

    Kara McKinnKara McKinn
    Manages the marketing and communications functions of the Big Ten Academic Alliance headquarters.
  • Jake Myers

    MyersJakeForWebJake Myers
    Support Specialist
    Information Technology
    Provides technical support for desktop computers and software applications, audio/video conferencing, and digital content development.
  • Tim Newcomb

    Timothy NewcombTim Newcomb
    Coordinates facility updates, maintenance, and space utilization. Manages office-wide information technologies including support and coordination of video conferencing, office networking, server and email list management.
  • Jeff Oberg

    Jeff Oberg
    Responsible for internal operations and management related to headquarters’ office including financial oversight, human resources, grants management and communications. Leads coordinated purchasing and procurement for member universities.
  • Eileen Oldham

    Eileen Oldham
    Account Technician
    Financial Operations
    Provides financial processing, account reconciliation, and general bookkeeping support.
  • Galen Rafferty

    Galen RaffertyGalen Rafferty
    Assistant Director
    Technology Collaboration
    Works with Technology Collaboration to lead and support the key strategic initiatives of the Chief Information Officers, focusing on identity management and shared storage initiatives.
  • Julie Sweet

    Julie Sweet
    Assistant Director
    Business Operations
    Manages data collection, analysis and reporting activities for Big Ten Academic Alliance headquarters staff and collaborative purchasing activities.
  • Robert Van Rennes

    Robert Van RennesRobert Van Rennes
    Assistant Director
    Library Initiatives
    Oversees licensing operations and supports Library Initiatives projects such as Google Digitization, resource sharing, and the annual conference.