OmniPoP - Introduction



OmniPoP is a fiber optic network collaboration between the participating Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions, connecting them to each other and to research “hubs” worldwide with very high-speed connectivity.  This collaborative project knits together the members’ regional optical networks on collaboratively owned fiber cable circling downtown Chicago. It provides multiple access points for researchers as well as the sort of redundancy that eliminates network downtime due to unforeseen fiber optic cable damage.

OmniPoP provides services to faculty and researchers that allow them to share bandwidth-intensive applications (such as high-definition video) and massive research datasets between regional, national or global collaborators.  In addition, OmniPoP has established direct ultra-high bandwidth connections to higher education and research peers which reduce users' cost and network latency. More information about research and education networking services available through OmniPoP is available by contacting the campus Technical Advisory Council members.

OmniPoP Program Evaluation

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OmniPoP Value to Members FY14-15

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