OmniPoP Management



OmniPoP is governed by the Executive Committee (EC), comprised of the CIO from each OmniPoP member university. The EC oversees the OmniPoP, approves the budget, determines which services are common or elective, and decides on procurement of common assets. 

The management of OmniPoP is accomplished by the work of the following groups: 

  • Technical Advisory Council (TAC): The TAC is appointed by the Executive Council and typically includes senior network engineers for each member university. The TAC prepares an annual technical plan and budget for EC approval, analyzes and proposes new common and elective services and assets, and oversees the OmniPoP manager.
  • Tactical Technical Team (TTT): The TTT is a subset of the TAC and oversees daily technical operations needs of OmniPoP, investigates new technical solutions, and makes technical recommendations to TAC.
  • Network Operations Center: The OmniPoP contracts with an OmniPoP manager to provide technical network services on a day-to-day basis. The Global Research Network Operations Center of Indiana University serves as the OmniPoP manager.
  • Big Ten Academic Alliance Office: The Big Ten Academic Alliance staff provide project management support for OmniPoP including financial management, document management, meeting and communications management, and serving as the primary liaison to vendors and other 3rd parties.