CIC-Google FAQ

Google Book Search Project


Google Book Search Partnership (June 2007)

  • Why is the Big Ten Academic Allianceentering into this Agreement?

  • What other universities are participating in the Google Book Search Project?

  • What is unique about this Agreement?

  • How many volumes will Google digitize?

  • Which Big Ten Academic Alliance collections will be digitized?

  • Will books in multiple languages be included?

  • Will each university's individual contribution be identified in some way?

  • Does the Agreement include both public domain and in-copyright works?

  • What materials are in the "public domain?"

  • Does Google or the universities own the copyright to a work once it is scanned?

  • Will the Big Ten Academic Alliance universities receive copies of public domain and in-copyright materials?

  • How will the files returned by Google be stored?

  • How will copyrighted works be handled?

  • When will the project begin?

  • Will Google scan the books on each campus? If not, where will the books be scanned and how?

  • How long will the project take to complete?

  • How good is the scanning?

  • How will Google scan each book? Can the public view the process?

  • Will Google scan rare books, and how?

  • Will scanning harm the books?

  • How will redundancies among the collections be addressed?

  • Are books going to be unavailable while they are being scanned?

  • How will the project be funded?

  • Will the universities receive any financial benefit from this arrangement?

  • Is this an exclusive agreement with Google?

  • When did Google first launch the Google Library Project?

  • Does the Google Book Search Project comply with copyright law?

  • Can I use Google Book Search now?

  • Does Google display ads on books being scanned from the libraries?

  • Does Google track the books I read?

  • Where can I go to see a book scanned from a library?

  • Why is it important to digitize library holdings?

  • Will this affect how libraries collect and preserve printed materials?

  • What about security concerns in a digital environment?

Google Book Search Update (October 2008)

  • Has digitization of Big Ten Academic Alliance holdings begun?

  • Have Google and the authors/publishers settled their lawsuit?

  • Is the Big Ten Academic Alliance supporting the settlement agreement between Google and the authors/publishers?

  • How will the Big Ten Academic Alliance members address the settlement?