The Big Ten Academic Alliance Geospatial Data Project has launched the Big Ten Academic Alliance Geoportal. Collectively managed by a task force of librarians and geospatial specialists at ten member institutions, thousands of metadata records have been aggregated and edited to connect scholars across the Big Ten to geospatial data resources, including GIS datasets, web services, and digitized historical maps from multiple data clearinghouses and library catalogs. The interface offers both text and place-based search options, and item pages display descriptive metadata records along with external links to download, view, or read more about the resources. 

Learn more about the research institutions involved and the sources of the geospatial records.

Geoportal Link


Robert Van Rennes
Associate Director
Library Initiatives
Phone:  (217) 300-4744

Rebecca Crist
Project Manager
Library Initiatives
Phone: (217) 300-4647

Susanne Garrison
Office Administrator
Library Initiatives
Phone: (217) 244-9239