Collaborative Security Assessment Platform

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A common struggle across institutions is balancing speed and thoroughness in performing security assessments of third-party software. In an effort to address this, the Big Ten Academic Alliance Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) have joined forces and developed an innovative approach to increase transparency and collaboration by developing a shared approach to assessing the security risk of third-party software.

Working with Riskonnect, a leader in integrated risk management solutions, CISOs have developed the Collaborative Shared Risk Assessment Platform (CSAP) to streamline the security review process for third-party vendors. The platform also will serve as a channel where members can share security assessment information, resulting in increased efficiency and improved vendor selection process.



Katherine Galvin
Phone: (217) 244-8447

Lori Frost
Project Coordinator
Programs Team
Phone: (217) 333 -9228

Danielle LeFaivre 
Office Manager
Programs Team
Phone:  (217) 300-4063