Q&A Big Ten Commissioner Delany

Jul 06, 2011

Big Ten commissioner, Jim Delany, gives a nice shout out to the CIC in this June 30th article on  When asked what the Big Ten has to offer to enhance Nebraska, Delany answered, "I don't mean any disrespect to any other conference, but the Big Ten is the most historic conference and the most broad-based conference as I mentioned earlier. We are also the largest athletically-academically integrated conference. Whether it's the athletic competition or the CIC, our efforts are to benchmark each other, and that's more attractive to students and faculty. While everyone is in a difficult place financially and this is a difficult climate as far as getting additional resources, the Big Ten is the best path Nebraska could have in being associated with other like-minded institutions."

More information on the Nebraska entrance to the BigTen and the CIC can be found at

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