CIC's Rebecca Crist on Collaborative Stewardship of Shared Collections

May 04, 2016
Shared Collections book coverA new monograph explores how libraries and the organizations that provide services to them are devoting more attention to system-wide organization of collections—whether the "system" is a consortium, a region, or a country.  As a strategy for saving space and money while expanding access to additional materials and resources, the value of shared collections is indubitable.

This collected volume from the Association of Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) spotlights the histories and experiences of several collaborations at academic libraries. Contributors share winning strategies for intentional decision-making in developing and managing shared collections, both print and digital, with expert guidance such as:
  • a detailed look by Rebecca Crist at the decisions and practices underpinning the CIC's Shared Print Repository, a leader in building a consolidated print journal collection
  • elements to address in a memo of understanding among participating institutions
  • risk assessment methodologies that enable institutions to focus local resources where they will provide the greatest return; and
  • costs to anticipate for budgeting, such as collection analysis, space, validation, transport, staff, and administration.
With practical advice on issues such as governance and business models, demand driven acquisition, rare works, and access, this monograph is a valuable resource for academic library directors, administrators, and collection development leaders.

For learn more or purchase this volume, please visit the ALA's page: Shared Collections: Collaborative Stewardship.
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