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Library Accessibility Alliance

E-Resource Testing

In 2019 the Big Ten Academic Alliance and Association of Southeastern Research Libraries joined together to fund third-party accessibility evaluations for select vendor e-resources based upon recommendations from member libraries and the platforms that the majority of the consortia own or are considering for purchase.

Below are the evaluations, along with any responses provided by vendors. The program provides vendors with a report and the opportunity to improve the accessibility of their products, while giving members of the library community information about the accessibility of specific library e-resources.

Accessible Archives (9/4/2019) Download
ACS Publications (3/2/2020) Download
Adam Matthew - Empire Online (3/26/2018) Download
Adam Matthew - Empire Online (vendor response) Download
Alexander Press - Disability in the Modern World (10/15/2017) Download
Ambrose Video (6/24/2019) Download
American Society for Microbiology Journals (2/20/2019) Download
Artstor (6/29/2018) Download
BioOne Complete (1/29/2020) Download
BioOne Complete (vendor response) Download
Brill e-Books (10/5/2018) Download
CADRE (10/9/2020) Download
Cambridge Core (6/13/2017) Download
Cambridge Core (Vendor Response) November 2017 Download
Cambridge Core (Vendorr Response) December 2019 update Download
Clarivate Analytics’ Techstreet (12/10/2018) Download
Directory of Open Access Journals (5/13/2019) Download
Directory of Open Access Journals (Vendor Response) Download
DocuSeek2 (1/2/2020) Download
DocuSeek2 Via ProQuest (2/20/2020) Download
East View Platform (9/4/2019) Download
EBSCO Academic Search (4/23/2020) Download
EBSCO Academic Search (Vendor Response) Download
EBSCO-Ebook Platform (4/21/2017) Download
EBSCO-Ebook Platform (Vendor Response) Download
Elsevier- Engineering Village (4/16/2018) Download
Elsevier - Engineering Village (vendor response) Download
Elsevier-ScienceDirect- Platform (4/21/2017) Download
Elsevier-ScienceDirect- Platform (Vendor Response) Download
Films on Demand (7/11/2018) Download
Gale-ECCO (9/11/2017) Download
Gale ECCO (vendor response) Download
Gale Primary Sources (4/14/2020) Download
HathiTrust (6/17/2020) Download
IBISWorld (12/10/2019) Download
IGI Global (7/27/2020) Download
IOP eBooks (5/21/2018) Download
JSTOR (10/26/2017) Download
Kanopy Streaming Service (2/12/2018) Download
Knowledge Unlatched (10/23/2019) Download
Lexis Nexis Uni (5/3/2018) Download
LinkedIn Learning Platform (5/21/2020) Download
MathSciNet (11/26/2018) Download
McGraw-Hill AccessMedicine (7/16/2019) Download
Mergent Online (1/15/2019) Download
Morgan and Claypool Synthesis (2/4/2019) Download
NetAdvantage (8/17/2020) Download
OCLC FirstSearch(1/3/2020) Download
OVID LWW (2/12/2018) Download
Oxford Journals (5/30/2018) Download
PLOS ONE (8/14/2020) Download
ProjectMuse (6/10/2020) Download
ProQuest eBook Central (11/27/2017) Download
Project MUSE (Vendor Response) Download
ProQuest Ebook Central (Vendor Response) Download
ProQuest-Dissertations & Theses Global (2/16/2017) Download
ProQuest-Dissertations & Theses Global (Vendor Response) Download
PubMed (2/18/2019) Download
Readex - Americas Historical Newspapers (11/16/2018) Download
Reveal Digital’s Independent Voices (12/2/2019) Download
Reveal Digital Independent Voices (vendor response) Download
Rittenhouse R2 (5/29/2019) Download
Rittenhouse R2 (vendor response) Download
SAGE e-Journals (12/20/2017) Download
Sage Research Methods (11/08/2019) Download
SciFinder (5/3/2019) Download
SciFinder-N (5/21/2020) Download
SpringerLink (7/9/2018) Download
SpringerNature (1/4/2018) Download
Swank Motion Pictures (3/27/2020) Download
Taylor & Francis e-Journal (11/7/17) Download
Taylor & Francis eJournals (vendor response) Download
Taylor and Francis e-Books (8/28/2018) Download
Taylor and Francis e-Books (vendor response) Download
University of Michigan Fulcrum (8/16/2019) Download
University of Michigan Fulcrum (Vendor Response) Oct 2019 Download
University of Michigan Fulcrum (Vendor Response) Dec 2019 Download
Web of Science-Platform (2/16/2017) Download
Web of Science-Platform (Vendor Response) Download
Wiley Online Library (5/26/2017) Download
World Scientific (10/2/2020) Download
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Library Accessibility Alliance Contacts:

Maurice York
Library Initiatives
Phone:  (217) 300-0945

Robert Van Rennes
Associate Director
Library Initiatives
Phone:  (217) 300-4744

Elaina Norlin
Professional Development/DEI Coordinator
Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)
Phone:  (520) 548-5326

Susanne Garrison
Office Administrator
Library Initiatives
Phone: (217) 244-9239


These products were reviewed by third-party accessibility consulting companies on the dates indicated. The information in these reports represents the findings of the reviewers at the time of testing and should not be assumed to be accurate past the testing date. The information contained in these reports represents only what testers encountered under the conditions specified in the report and is not meant to encourage or discourage other entities’ usage of these products. Other users and testers are encouraged to do their own assessment.