Consortial Licensing - The Standardized Agreement Language

Consortial Licensing

Standardized Agreement Language

The Big Ten Academic Alliance Library Initiatives has developed this document to facilitate negotiations on behalf of its member libraries that require license agreements. While many Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries have developed their own licensing guidelines, this document incorporates language that maybe unique to consortial licensing. This document addresses select topics of particular importance to Big Ten Academic Alliance libraries commonly included in licenses. Vendors, publishers, and content providers should incorporate this language into draft or final agreements for the Big Ten Academic Alliance.

The Big Ten Academic Alliance strongly supports the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) licensing guidelines and requests that vendors and content providers review the relevant sections for inclusion in licenses. The ICOLC web site includes information about the preferred practices for the selection and purchase of electronic information, guidelines for statistical measures of usage of web-based text resources, and other important documents.


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Updated March 2018