Library Borrowing - Introduction

Library Borrowing


The Big Ten Academic Alliance strives to optimize access to the combined collections of its member libraries through the UBorrow interlibrary loan service and the onsite Reciprocal Borrowing application. Through these services, users at member institutions are granted access to the collective wealth of information of the entire consortium.

For specific details on these services, please click on the individual program tabs.

COVID-19 Note:  Library borrowing and lending will be affected by library closures and other efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 virus. The libraries of the Big Ten Academic Alliance are making every effort to fulfill the community’s needs during this time; however, some items will be delayed or inaccessible, and, when possible, requests may be filled electronically rather than in print. In-person borrowing is restricted on some campuses for local users and reciprocal borrowers. The situation is rapidly changing, and policies vary among the Big Ten libraries.  For more detailed and updated information, please refer to the libraries’ websites.


Maurice York
Library Initiatives
Phone:  (217) 300-0945

Robert Van Rennes
Associate Director
Library Initiatives
Phone:  (217) 300-4744

Rebecca Crist
Project Manager
Library Initiatives
Phone: (217) 300-4647

Susanne Garrison
Office Administrator
Library Initiatives
Phone: (217) 244-9239