IT Accessibility

The accessibility of content and processes in the information technology environment is an important shared concern for the Big Ten Academic Alliance Chief Information Officers (CIOs). 

To meet this concern, the Big Ten Academic Alliance CIOs recognize that thoughtful management through a complicated set of ever-evolving challenges and opportunities is required. Building on their long history of individual institutional efforts being aided by joint sharing of concerns and effective practices and successful collaborative initiatives, the CIOs charged the IT Accessibility Group with the task of recommending and taking practical steps to maximize accessibility of IT resources. The work of the IT Accessibility Group is an integral part of the overarching goal of providing sustained quality and performance to member institutions' instructional, research, creative, and outreach and engagement programs and efforts.

An important contribution to this work is the Vendor Guide to Web Accessibility Cookbook, created by the IT Accessibility Group. The Vendor Guide is designed to help  decision-makers within software development companies. The body of the document provides a succinct overview of administrative considerations related to accessibility. Several appendices provide an extensive list of resources that can be distributed to team members in design, technical, quality assurance, marketing, and other positions.


Vendor Guide to Web Accessibility Cookbook  (opens/downloads as MS Word document)

Vendor Guide to Web Accessibility Cookbook (opens as e-pub)

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Lori Frost
Program Coordinator
Programs Team
Phone: (217) 333-9228