Digital Humanities

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At the intersection of technology and the humanities, the Big Ten Academic Alliance universities are providing national leadership to increase opportunities for researchers, enrich programs, accelerate innovation, and promote sustainability and inclusivity. Liaisons from each university are working together to identify opportunities for collaboration in the digital humanities across member campuses.

Big Ten Academic Alliance Digital Humanities Group

BTAA DH 2018 SummitBackground

The Big Ten Digital Humanities Group began in 2011. After conducting an environmental scan of digital humanities activities at member universities, the inaugural Digital Humanities Summit was held at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in April 2012. Subsequent DH Summits were held at the University of Nebraska (2016), Michigan State University (2017), Indiana University (2018), and Ohio State University (2019).  Future DH Summits will be held at Purdue University (2020) and University of Maryland (2021).

Mission Statement

To advance humanities research, curriculum, and public outreach collaboration among Big Ten universities using and critically engaging with digital tools, methods, and cultures.


Steering Committee

•    Leigh Bonds, Ohio State University, chair elect
•    Kevin Conaway, Penn State University, chair  
•    Angela Courtney, Indiana University
•    Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Michigan State University
•    Matt Hannah, Purdue University
•    Trevor Munoz, University of Maryland
•    Steve Ramsay, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
•    David Staley, Ohio State University, past chair
•    Daryle Williams, University of Maryland

University Representatives

Each  member institution selects representatives to attend the annual DH Summit and act as liaisons for the DH efforts and activities on their respective campuses.


Please contact current chair Kevin Conaway with any questions.