• How do I apply?

    The application is available HERE on the Big Ten Academic Alliance website.  A paper application for the shared Big Ten Academic Alliance Common Application is not available.
  • Is there one application form for all of the program sites?

    No.  Some participating institutions accept the shared Big Ten Academic Alliance application while others use a campus-specific application. You can see which application each Big Ten Academic Alliance SROP campus uses HERE
  • When is the application deadline?

    The online application must be completed by FEBRUARY 10.  Your transcript must be received by the Big Ten Academic Alliance office and two faculty recommendations must be entered online by March 1. 
  • How many recommendations can I submit?

    Only two online recommendations will be accepted.
  • How do my recommenders submit their online recommendations?

    Once you finalized the application, a confirmation page will appear.  This confirmation will include a confirmation number and instructions that you must send to your recommenders. You can also access this information by logging back into your application once it is finalized.  You must finalize your application to access this information.  You will not be able to edit your application once you finalize your application.
  • Can my recommenders mail in their letters of support?

    No.  All recommendations must be submitted online. Hard copies will not be accepted. Recommenders will visits THIS PAGE to submit recommendations.
  • Do I need to send a transcript for each university?

    No.  You only need to send one transcript to the Big Ten Academic Alliance office.  It will be uploaded to a secure online database for university representatives to view.  It will take approximately 10 business days to be uploaded to the online system from the day the Big Ten Academic Alliance office receives the transcript.  Your status update will show that the transcript has been received after it has been processed. 

     Mail transcript(s) to the following address:

    Big Ten Academic Alliance
    Attn: SROP Application Process
    1819 S. Neil St.
    Suite D
    Champaign, IL 61820

  • I’ve attended more than one undergraduate institution. Do I need to send a transcript from each one?

    Yes.  You must send a transcript from each university you have attended.
  • Can I send in an unofficial transcript?

    Yes. You may be asked to provide an official transcript if you receive an offer.
  • How many schools may I select?

    There is no limit to the number of schools you can select.   Be aware that schools give priority to applicants who present a good match to their graduate programs. You should research the individual programs to see which are good fits for your goals and interests.
  • Will I be notified when my application is complete?

    No.  It is your responsibility to check on your application status.  You can view your application status by signing into the SROP on-line application system.  You will still have access to view your application after the deadline.
  • I’m having technical problems with my application, what do I do?

    Please email the SROP coordinator at Include your name and a description of the problem.
  • I am a freshman, can I apply to the program?

    The program is targeted at sophomores and juniors.  While any undergraduate student can apply, your chances of being accepted are greater if you have had some coursework preparation in your proposed area of research.
  • I am a senior, can I apply to the program?

    It depends. You must be returning to complete at least one semester of undergraduate education after completing the SROP experience.
  • I am not a member of a minority group. May I still apply?

    Yes. The program seeks to increase graduate school access for students from groups underrepresented in graduate education, including minority students, first-generation college students and students from low-income families, regardless of race or ethnicity.  
  • I have more than one area of interest, should I include them all?

    Yes. Please provide as much information as you can to aid the institutions in the selection process. It is also best to be as specific as possible, in order to appropriately match you with a faculty mentor.
  • When can I expect to hear from the institution(s)?

    Offers will be made on a rolling basis (that is, continuously throughout the process, not necessarily after the application deadline).  Once all positions have been filled, the Big Ten Academic Alliance will send a notice to students who did not receive an offer. This notice will be sent via email in mid May.
  • How long do I have to before I must accept an offer?

    Students who receive an offer must adhere to the offer guidelines established by the institution making the offer.  Please pay close attention to the dates and details in your offer letter. The SROP institutions have a common March 15 deadline, called the "binding decision date."  You must decline or accept your offer by this date or the offering institution may rescind the offer.  Campuses review applications and make offers at different times and may make offers after March 15.  In this case, applicants must adhere to the offer guidelines established by the institution making the offer.  
  • Once I accept an offer, can I change my mind and go to another institution?

    No.  If you are considering multiple campus programs, it is courteous to inform an institution that makes an early offer that you are awaiting an offer from other schools. If you receive a second offer, but are still waiting on a third, it is a good idea to decline the less attractive offer. For example, University A makes an offer to you, but you are waiting to hear from Universities B and C. When you receive an offer from University B, choose which of the two you prefer. If you still prefer A, then decline B while you wait to hear back from University C. Do not sit on multiple offers if you know which one you prefer. This will open up a space for another student to participate.
  • Who do I contact with questions?

    You should contact the Big Ten Academic Alliance SROP Coordinator at